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“Love made me an inventor… If you love, you will find a solution” – Maggy Borankitse.  I stumbled across this beautiful soul whilst browsing Buzzfeed (which I recently learned is not just for quizzes) for women’s activism and empowerment as yesterday was International Women’s Day.  After watching a short video about Maggy’s mission and story, I had to know more.  The full 20 minute interview can be found here, along with a few shorter clips.  I am utterly floored by her passion and drive, though she is such a gentle and eloquent speaker, she has a fierce fire that impacts the world.

I’m not entirely certain how to vocalize this pull i’ve been having in my heart without portraying a major sense of alienation from the community of believers or even close friends.   But i’m so over and done with the four walls, the meeting God on Sunday, the Beth Moore life.  It’s growing irrelevant and there are so many restless souls pining for an authentic connection to Christ.  Walking with Christ looks much different than just being a Christian.  And I realize this notion is a bit of an extreme and I would never fully turn away from the church or discourage anyone from finding roots and passion within those walls, but i’m not being called to those confines as of now and I know i’m not the only one.

It’s interesting to physically see how others are meeting God, even if they don’t believe in Him, they can accomplish some of His most amazing and Biblical acts.  I’m surrounded by two very distinct types of people, those who have a heart of compassion and devotion to enhancing quality of life and those who praise Jesus in a more recognizable, institutionalized lifestyle.  By my use of language you can already tell which group resonates most with me, but what I love is that both groups are loving God.  He is still bringing glory to His name through the hearts and actions of His creation.  Believers and nonbelievers alike have a common denominator of glorifying the One who made them.

At our very core I believe that our greatest mission is to give the world a chance, to find the good in evil as a means to witness hope, dignity and self worth.  When you can not only understand those three words, but actually make them the forerunners of your existence, your actions change, your view of yourself and others drastically becomes one of kindness and confidence that you are meant for something greater and that you can accomplish something greater.  Hope, dignity and self worth open your imagination to envision and create the world you see yourself living in.  I really believe women have an advantage in doing so.  God has given us such an infectious spirit.  The Bible is laced with stories of this feminine empowerment that I often think generations of the church have quieted until maybe recently, though it is still a whisper.

There is absolutely nothing that shatters my heart more than seeing a woman ashamed and timid, downplaying her beauty and emotions.  Look at successful marketing and advertisements, what sells? Beauty and emotions.  They drive the consumer economy and it would be absurd to diminish their role in decision making, it’s the ultimate weakness of man.  Must I really go into the story of Adam and Eve?  Satan was a marketing guru.

Waking up this morning, I was overwhelmed with a sense of weakness.  Not that I was feeling insignificant, but rather I was consumed with a desire for change and abundance of female empowerment.  After watching Maggy’s story, her work to rebuild a country of peace and serenity during a 10 year war, orphaning thousands of children in a community setting rather than an orphanage and her loyal dedication to a country that is so broken yet is her home is so inspiring.  It truly takes a woman molded into God’s heart to hold it all together.  How can we, as empowered creation living to create, establish roots in such strength and compassion?  Our hearts shatter, it’s inevitable, it’s His way of fighting for you.  Yet, we direct how it’s put back together by listening to the Spirit of our soul’s longings that reach beyond this world.  Anything less and we wouldn’t be aiming high enough.  To make a dent, we must imagine an earthshaking quake.  Tearing the world apart at the deepest roots for Him.  The beauty of a broken soul is in its ability to empower and produce.

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